Torre: A-Rod to Dodgers?

The hot stove buzz this morning is Joe Torre’s coy remarks about Alex Rodriguez ending up in Dodger blue.  Said Torre, "It’s possible.  It’s possible.  It’s possible."  There are a number of articles, but Dom Amore of the Hartford Courant reminds readers that Torre and A-Rod have been exchanging phone messages.

In Amore’s article Torre adds that "you’ve got four or five clubs that figure to be in the sweepstakes."  The Dodgers were on Jon Heyman’s list of possible teams.  If the Yankees offer Rodriguez arbitration, which he would decline, and he signs with the Dodgers, the Yankees would not gain a first round pick; however, I’d say the Dodgers and A-Rod make a good deal of sense.  They’d certainly make room for him at 3B or SS.  And Frank McCourt is the kind of owner not afraid to make a big splash.

Posted by Nat Boyle

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