Cardinals Could Make Rasmus Available

Of course, they wouldn’t ship off the 21-year-old center fielder for just anyone. Erik Bedard is the target, according to Joe Strauss. In the weak NL Central (how many times have we all said that this winter?), Bedard is a potential difference-maker. He’d solidify a spotty starting rotation in St. Louis, though I suppose that’s true of any team he’d end up joining.

Rasmus alone won’t fetch Bedard, meaning other top prospects — Strauss mentions Bryan Anderson and Chris Perez — would have to be included. You can add 21-year-old lefty Jaime Garcia to the potential Orioles targers.

Strauss does note that two of the Cardinals’ young sluggers, Chris Duncan and Rick Akiel, likely won’t be dealt, since St. Louis is going to need their bats to go along with Albert Pujols.

Personally, I’m not sure St. Louis has enough to get it done. Their system isn’t all that great — though they could use that as a reason to empty it for Bedard and start over.


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