Cubs Willing To Offer $50MM For Fukudome?

UPDATE, 12-11-07 at 10:48am: Just talked to a good source on this stuff.  He told me Fukudome wants five years, despite what we’ve read.  The Cubs don’t expect he’ll sign for $50MM for five years, and are offering that amount over four.  They’re having an internal debate about stretching it to a five-year, $65MM offer.  Jim Hendry wants to stop at four years though.

FROM 12-11-07 at 10:03am:

Interesting piece of information from Tom Krasovic today – he says the Cubs are willing to offer close to $50MM for Kosuke Fukudome.  They really want this guy and have built their offseason plan around him.

It’s hard to believe the Cubs would offer that amount for three years; that would be $16.6MM annually to someone who’s never played in the Majors.  I could definitely see the Cubs putting out a four-year, $50MM offer though.  Who knows how much validity there is to the idea that Fukudome wants three years and only three years.

The Padres have gone at least three years and at least $10MM annually, but it could be more on both accounts.  Kevin Towers says the team’s offer was final.  He sees Fukudome landing in Chicago or San Diego.  That might mean he considers the White Sox to be in the mix as well.

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