Odds And Ends: Inge, Gagne, Pavano

Couple of findings around the Internets:

  • Drew Sharp argues that Brandon Inge should stay with the Tigers. His argument is that Inge would still get 300 or so at bats and would be playing for a surefire contender. If he was to be traded, he likely wouldn’t land with a team nearly as good. Plus, with some of the injury histories of current Tigers, it might be best for Inge to wait around for playing time.
  • Though the Rangers were interested in Eric Gagne, they were only $6 million interested. For a one-year deal with an option, there was little chance of that happening. Gagne likely would have sooner accepted the Red Sox arbitration offer.
  • Carl Pavano will accept a minor league assignment after the Yankees release him this week. They need 40-man roster spots for Alex Rodriguez and Mariano Rivera. They’ve already released Bronson Sardinha to make room for Andy Pettitte.
  • Monte Pool dislikes the idea of the A’s signing Barry Bonds. He mentions what you’d expect: The trial, his health, and the money.


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