Phillies, Dodgers Not Interested In Inge

According to Jayson Stark yesterday, the Tigers are indeed shopping ousted 29 year-old third baseman Brandon Inge.  He says the Dodgers and Phillies have already said no.  My guess at the rationale: the Dodgers will go internal and are less concerned with the position, and the Phils want a good hitter at the position.

Inge seemingly peaked in ’06, hitting 27 HRs with fine defense.  That earned him a four-year, $24MM extension.  He’s got three years and $19.1MM left.  His stock is down after posting a .688 OPS last year.  Inge was a catcher as recently as 2004, so maybe he can don the tools of ignorance once again.  There, his offense wouldn’t look nearly as poor.  Still, it’s hard to figure out a team that would pursue him.

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