Phillies Have Mild Interest In Mussina

The Yankees’ rotation currently consists of Chien-Ming Wang, Andy Pettitte, Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, and Ian Kennedy.  That leaves both Mike Mussina (owed $11MM in ’08, no-trade protection) and Kei Igawa (owed $16MM over 2008-11) without starting jobs.  It wouldn’t be a bad move to just keep the depth, if you consider it depth.  After all, the three kids aren’t going to combine for 600 innings.  But Mussina and Igawa might be available.

Bob Matthews of the Times-Union Democrat and Chronicle (yes we’re really digging for rumors) notes today that the Phillies have "mild interest" in Mussina.  The 39 year-old Pennsylvania native may not want to leave New York, but it might not be a bad career move.  He’s got 250 wins; 300 would be a grind.  280 seems within reach though.  What could the Phils offer the Yanks for Mussina?  $11MM off their books and some kind of low-level prospect, I’d imagine.

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