Prior Signs With Padres

UPDATE, 12-26-07 at 4:33pm: Prior gets $1MM guaranteed and can earn another $4.5MM in incentives.

FROM 12-26-07 at 1:05pm:

Ah, some real news.  ESPN’s Buster Olney reports that the Padres have reached an agreement with Mark Prior.  It’s a one-year deal with a low $1MM base.  Olney says incentives could bring the total past $3MM, which is still a very reasonable gamble.  Now Prior can rebuild his value in a great pitcher’s park and re-enter free agency in a year.  Click here to read about the specific shoulder damage Prior had repaired.

Prior is throwing on flat ground currently, and there’s talk of mid-May.  I think three solid months out of Prior would be more realistic, though.  The Padres’ rotation will contain two ex-Cubs, Prior and Greg Maddux.  With Jake Peavy, Chris Young, and Randy Wolf on board, the rotation is certainly impressive on paper.

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