Rosenthal’s Latest: Mahay, Cordero

Ken Rosenthal busts out a few new ones.

  • The Royals have been in touch with Ron Mahay‘s agent.  Rosenthal names the Yankees, Giants, and Astros as other interested parties.  Why the Giants?  The Royals would trade Jimmy Gobble and then sign Mahay.  Regarding the Yankees, Rosenthal says that the Santana situation somehow affects their willingness to sign Mahay.  Meanwhile, Jayson Stark says the Rays are also in on Mahay.
  • The Nationals asked for Chad Qualls and Luke Scott for Chad Cordero and were rebuffed by Ed Wade and the Astros.  It’s not the craziest offer but how many outfielders do the Nationals need?  12?  We heard two hours ago that Scott was almost a Padre, but haven’t had any follow-up.  Buster?

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