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2008 MLB Free Agents

Presenting...your 2008 free agent class.

I've categorized them by position; the player's 2008 age is in parentheses.  Also Type A or B status is included; otherwise there's no compensation.  If I saw someone as a possibility at more than one position I put them at both.  I'll keep this post updated throughout the offseason and make it a permanent sidebar link.

Updated 2-24-08

No starters available.

First basemen
No starters available.

Second basemen
No starters available.

No starters available.

Third basemen
Corey Koskie (35)

Left fielders
Barry Bonds (43) - Type A
Reggie Sanders (40)

Center fielders
Kenny Lofton (41) - Type B
Corey Patterson (28)

Right fielders
Shawn Green (35) - Type B
Reggie Sanders (40)

Barry Bonds (43) - Type A
Mike Piazza (39) - Type B
Sammy Sosa (39)

Starting pitchers
Roger Clemens (45)
Bartolo Colon (35)
Freddy Garcia (32) - Type B
Kyle Lohse (29)
Rodrigo Lopez (32)
Eric Milton (32)
Russ Ortiz (34)
John Thomson (34)
Jeff Weaver (31)
David Wells (45)

Armando Benitez (35)
Bob Wickman (39)

Middle relievers
Antonio Alfonseca (36)
Jose Mesa (42)
Akinori Otsuka (36)
Aaron Sele (38)


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Might want to put Kent at 1B also, I think he'll end up there if he keeps playing.

Hinske at 1B too.

Orlando Hudson's contract with the Diamondbacks is up after this year if i remember correctly. (and if Alberto Callaspo develops well, they likely won't need Hudson next year)

hahahaha love the "or something" for livan

Does O-Dog have the service time?

Dotel as well. Player option for 2008 I think.

I don't think anyone will ever find out how old Livan Hernandez is. EVER.

I think O-Dog is locked until after the 08 season. He's got just over 4 years service time per Cots.

My guess is that either he or Callaspo will be traded next year if they both perform as they have.

Livan's age is easy. He's Orlando Hernandez - 5 years old.

On Cot's, that 4.068 you see, the "68" is the number of days. "130" if I remember this stuff correctly, would be a full year. So it's actually over four and a half years of service time.

Cot's hadn't updated the information either for a while, but looking at BRef and thebaseballcube, that seems right for Orlando.

Either way, he won't be a free agent until after 2008.

Braves can't afford to keep Smoltz after this season. I truly believe he can pitch another 2-3 seasons. If Yanks offer him a 2 year/$24 million deal, I'm sure he would take it. Most Braves could probably offer him is something along the lines of 2 year/$10 million.

It all depends on Andruw Jones as to whether or not we could retain smoltz. If we retain andruw, we probably will not be able to offer smoltz enough to match another team's offer, and I think smoltz goes to detroit. But if we do not resign Andruw, we could offer smoltz a 2 year 20 million dollar deal, which still prolly will not be as high as another team's offer. I am excited at the idea that Jake Westbrook is gonna be a free agebt, as he is from georgia, and I believe the braves will make a run for him, whether we retain smoltz or not. Having smoltz, westbrook, hudson, and james in the rotation for 2008 and 2009 would be sweet, but i highly doubt we could afford those contracts, as westbrook probably will be worthy of 11-12 million per as a free agent.

Another idea that i would not be all objected too if we lose andruw and cannot find a stud in a trade is to give corey patterson a 2 or 3 year deal if he has a good season this year.

look for jones to be starting for the redsox either later this year or next. Coco to left. They need someone to protect Tizzle once Manny leaves.

Smoltz will be a Brave (or retire, unlikely). We have plenty of cash, or we will once Andruw's deal comes off the books (he isn't coming back). and besides, we'll probably only have to give Smoltz the amount he makes this year, so as long as payroll isn't slashed, he's gonna stay a Brave.

With JS's recent bullpen fetish, we'll probably also sign Linebrink to replace Wickman.

Do people honestly think Smoltz will play elsewhere? He will only play elsewhere if the Braves don't actually offer him a contract. Why wouldn't they do that?

OK I have to get in on this.

1) In response to your question Roto, I highly doubt anyone will want Corey Patterson at a Matthews-size deal, even if Boras is his agent. Now, admitted that if anyone can do it Boras can, but I don't see a team willing to pay that kind of money for a guy who would be considered a fourth outfielder on most teams.

2) Smoltz will be a Brave from now until Cooperstown. Andruw will go to the AL but not to Boston. The Sox have too much on the payroll as it is, and trying to squeeze Andruw's 7/$75mm demand to it will increase the luxury taxes quite a bit.

3) The Sox strike up a deal with KC that sends Mark Taehan to Boston to fill in for Lowell, who leaves via free agency. They get a fairly dependable hitter with decent speed and great range. I had originally suggested they send Clement and a prospect, but I wasn't aware that Clement is a free agent. KC will have no need for Taehan because of Alex Gordon, and they've thought about moving him to another position. Honestly, I don't know where they'd move him, so best to trade him and get something out of it. I say starting pitching.

Todd Jones will retire in Detroit, and his decision when to do so hinges on this year. Detroit will throw a 1-yr deal at him if he has a good year. If not, he retires and Zumaya becomes the closer.

If Andruw only wanted 7/75 he would probably stay a brave. That would pay him less per year than he is making right now. He will probably be seeking 8/160 and probabably gets 7/140 or so.

There is no chance Smoltz leaves the braves unless he retires. Dont forget he once turned down more money from the yankees to be a starter to stay with the braves and be a closer even though he hated being a closer. Smoltz has never given any indication that he has any desire to play somewhere else. As long as the braves offer him 8-10 mill per year he will stay and there is little chance the braves cant or wont do that.

I would have to assume 7/$75 was meant to be 7/$175.

Thanks for the correction quintjs. It was meant to be 175. However, I agree with cajunrevenge he'll be looking for 8/160.

No matter, the Braves have been trying for two or three years now to unload some salary, and he's the best place to start. A guy like John Smoltz is more important to that team and those young pitchers like James, Devine, and Davies than Jones is to Atlanta.

it should probably be noted that Trevor Hoffman's has a vesting option for 2008 based on him finishing 45 games in 2006 or 90 games through 2006-07. Does anyone know if he hit that # this year?

Anyone have an opionion on how the Padres would go after from this list? This should most likely be David Wells last year and if Cesar Carrillo progresses well this year, he'd fill in the #5 slot nicely.

I have no doubt that the Padres will option Marcus Giles. $4 million would be a steal even if he were hurt all year.

With that said, I really don't think the Padres will have any holes to fill unless Sledge & Cruz Jr. disapoint which is more than possible. If that's the case, I'd love to see Jermaine Dye become a Padre.

i could definately see the pads being interested in dye, and that would make them an even better team, and i could also see them going after corey patterson as well, in order to give them a little speed to play with

"3) The Sox strike up a deal with KC that sends Mark Taehan to Boston to fill in for Lowell, who leaves via free agency. They get a fairly dependable hitter with decent speed and great range. I had originally suggested they send Clement and a prospect, but I wasn't aware that Clement is a free agent. KC will have no need for Taehan because of Alex Gordon, and they've thought about moving him to another position. Honestly, I don't know where they'd move him, so best to trade him and get something out of it. I say starting pitching."

Teahen is being moved to RF and is even playing CF this spring some. And no, Dayton hasn't thought of trading him to anyone's knowledge. He won't be moved unless some team puts together a fantastic package.

"it should probably be noted that Trevor Hoffman's has a vesting option for 2008 based on him finishing 45 games in 2006 or 90 games through 2006-07. Does anyone know if he hit that # this year?"

He was the NL leader with 46 saves in 2006, so, yes.

Dunn has got an option for the end of this season any way. Who ever wrote this I think may be wrong.

i am a very big met fan but very discusted the way the mets are playing ball there is no spark to the team and are depressing to watch there lucky to be where there at right now because braves are also playing bad i really dont know where did omar thought hes was going with this team last year they where a good team this not good at all out of all the players in mlb you go and get moises alou that is hundred thirty years old i mean c,mon look at the trade hes done matt lindstrom and henry owens for jayson vargas why imean right there is no spark to the team and i dont think they will make far even if they get to playoffs i just dont see how they win and when they didn,t win last year with that team i dont this is the year and ramon castro is a fat ginks and jose reyes can never get a hit with runners in scoring postion delgado stinks and willy dont know how to coach at all sucks



i think willie randolp sucks me and my family never like him and think the mets player dont play hard for him i think the mets need a manger with some spark willie reminds me of drupy d he never argues at all i think the mets will be better off with a guy like ossie guinen willie always brings me julio franco with game on line and has franco ever came thourgh no so why is always there ? love

um, where are Dmitri Young and Ronnie Belliard on this list?

When is Scott Kazmir going to be a free agent?

You have left alot of players off this list. You should really update it and add the missing players, they are;

C- Jason LaRue
1B- Dmitri Young
1B- Tony Clark
1B- Julio Franco
2B- Ronnie Belliard
RF- Jose Guillen (has a mutual option)
OF- Jeff DaVanon
SP- Livan Hernandez (has no type of option)

I am a Yankees fan and I've heard that the Yankees may let A-Rod go if they are sure he's going west somewhere (not Boston) and sign Mike Lowell in his place, and then use the extra money to either sign relievers or pad George's wallet....Yankee fans at Yankee Stadium said that they wanted to see this happen. According to the guy, the Yankees could get "five or six players with the money they save...GOOD players!" Ok, if they cost an average of $5M a season.....

Belliard recently signed an extension with Washington.

Abreu's $16M club option will be denied, but the Yankees could still try to resign hiim at something like 2yrs/$24M.... he'll have suitors though. With Ichiro no longer a pending free agent, the Yankees may end up keeping Abreu after all. Adam Dunn could be a possibility but the Yankees would need to mess with everyone's position.

You might want to add Carlos Silva to the Starting Pitchers. He's a FA at the end of the year.

I purposely left off players I thought had no chance as starters for any team.

LaRue = not a starter
Young = signed an extension
Clark = added
Franco = no
Belliard = extension
Guillen = always been on the list
DaVanon = no
Livan = always been on the list

I thought that Jeff Kent's contract was up at the end of the year, or are you not considering him to be a starter anymore? Also, since it seems that any left-handed reliever seems to get signed someplace no matter how bad they are, Eddie Guardado has an option for 2008 that probably won't be picked up.

Has anyone thought about Andruw to the Yanks? There's a lot of talk about Damon being traded this winter, and with the Yankees' "win now" attitude, they'd look at Jones over Melky...

I agree that Jones will be in the AL but he won't be in Boston. With Crisp having a decent year and Ellsbury waiting in the wings, they don't need the added salary.

Use the money they would have spent on Jones to pay a team to take Eric Gagne off our hands!!!

Bama I also could see Torii hunter on the Yankees. I kind of expected them to get him at the deadline but I guess the Twins felt like they werent out of it.

Andruw on the Yankees...why the hell not. I think he will strugle with the pitching though. He is a fastball hitter and the American League traditionaly thors more offspeed pitches, while the NL throws more fastballs.

I agree about Andruw. When the Cubs played him, Rich Hill would throw him Curve Balls like 4 out of 5 times and he was lucky to foul them off....then mix in a high fastball and his eyes light up like he is Jim Edmonds....

luis vizcaino is 33

Its a small matter since his career is probably virtually over, but Jose Valentin belongs in other categories besides 2B. The only reason he played there for the Mets was because it was the only position they had a need in, but its really his least experienced IF position. He did a good job of it for sure when he was healthy, but my impression was always that he prefers the left side of the IF.

Kris Benson is another interesting question. Before the surgery, he'd have been a steal at $7.5, but the O's might be able to better spend that money elsewhere. Is he expected to be healthy enough for opening day next year? If so, and the O's don't activate his option, he could be an interesting gamble for a smaller market underachiever that sees themself as a contender in the near future. He could probably be had on the cheap-and-short, and he's certainly knows how to pitch, its just a question of how he bounces back.

This is an awful free agent crop. Especially pitchers. Carlos Silva one of the best? yuk.

I think the Phillies have a great chance to get much better this off-season. Francisco Cordero, Scott Linebrink, Jorge Julio, Mike Lowell, and Jason Isringhausen are some names that the Phillies may look at. Dontrelle Willis is on the trade block and he has expressed interest in going to the Phils. J-Roll is a good friend of Dontrelle's and I think a trade may happen. The Phillies have two young outfielders in Shane Victorino and Michael Bourn who the Marlins like. Although most of these moves won't happen the Phillies have a great chance of getting better.

Hey guys, I'm a huge Jays fan and I was wondering if there is any possible way Omar Vizquel could be going to the Jays. There no rumors but it would help the jays considering his amazing defense(just like John McDonald) and his better hitting. Post your Thoughts :D

I don't see that happening just because they gave John McDonald a contract extension late in the season. And the Giants are still talking about resigning

I was wondering when Erik Bedard would be a free agent because I think he would be an awesome addition to the Jays rotation. I think is a Canadian and has expressed interest in Toronto. Also Jamie Campbell made the comment on sportsnet. I think if we shop Burnett we should try and get Bedard. Add your thoughts :D

I was wondering when Eric Bedard will be a free agent? I think he might sign with Toronto because he is Canadian and has expressed interest. Jamie Campbell also said something about Bedard wanting to join the Jays. If the Jays get him their rotation will be the best. I also don't think Burnett should be shopped because he was good when he came back from the DL.

I believe Bedard is a FA next offseason.

Hey Tim, I just noticed something. You have the list above as follows:

Middle relievers
Jeremy Affeldt (29)

You didnt put any designation for him being a type A or type B pitcher. Does that mean he would be able to sign with a team without them losing a pick? Or did you just over look him and forget to desginate one or the other?

Correct - Affeldt is not a Type A or B so the signing team does not lose any picks.

Cool, he might be an interesting option for the Mets. I'd look into both him and Wood as long as Wood isnt insistent upon starting like you mentioned he might be elsewhere.




Bedard is not a free agent until after 2009.

So far next year does have an exciting SP class of FA's. But I would expect at least 1/2 of them to sign extensions (of get traded and sign extensions).

Santana and Sabathia lead the FA's. But Burnett, Garland, Sheets, Harden (option), and Pettite (retirement?) are also in there.

Peavy and Penny each have team options that will be picked up.


Are half the starting pitchers missing? Looks like pitchers A-I are all gone. Where's Tom Glavine regardless?

Stupid mistake on my part, fixed it.

hey big yankee fan here does anybody think if arod does not come back and lowell satys with the red sox maybe then can put somthing togther to get miguel cabrera, just a thought.

Hey Yanks, While Miguel Cabrera sounds good he's going to cost you high end players like Melky & Hughes. And if you are willing to give those two guys up, I'd do it for Johan Santana. Then for third base trade Damon for Crede.

Resign Posada, Rivera and Doug M. (I hate trying to spell his last name..LOL)

For the outfield you'd have Matsui, sign Torri Hunter and pick up the option on Abreu.

Starting Pitching then would be: Santana, Wang, Pettitte, Chamberlain, Mussina or Ian Kennedy

I know thats a lot of movement but the yanks have a lot of work to do with Hank and Hal running the show now. It will be interesting to watch to say the least.

Thanks for the feed back El diabal. pitching wise who do u guys seeing the yanks gettin, i heard rumors on john smotlz could that happen or is it just rumors, and what kind of players for the bullpen are possable,and on santana deal do u think that the yankees would finally given in and get rid of hughes because i no they tryed to aviod that so many times before do u think the yanks would actually do that this time.
just some stuff on my head right now this free agent market is going to be very interesting this year cant wait to see what happens thanks!

The Padres said that they have declined the option for outfielder Rob Mackowiak.
i think he should be on the list too

I don't see Smotlz leaving Atlanta. To me that would be like Rivera leaving New York.

It looks like the Crede idea for Damon looks accurate and also the option picked up on Abrea. I expect that Pettitte will choose to exercise his option Tuesday.

Next up will be Posada and Rivera. Look for both to resign with the Yankees. The rift rumor between Posada and Girardi was just that. With Posada releasing a statement about Girardi being his mentor I think that ensure his return to pinstripes.

Time will tell if the yankees will contact the Twins for a possible Santana trade. If the twins aren't interested, its said that Scott Kazmir is available. I do look for a trade for a starting pitcher. Going into the season two young pitchers (Chamberlain and Hughes) just doesn't fit with what the yankees usually do. Look for a trade here.

Now that Pettitte has declined his $16M option. Yankees will more than likely make a trade to get another seasoned arm in the rotation.

Scott Kazmir would be a good fit, especially with his number against the Red Sox. In 6 games started this year against the redsox, forget that he was 1 & 3. The real numbers to look at here are 35.2 innings pitched against the Sox giving up 1 home run with an era of 2.78.

Currently the Rotation would be:
Ian Kennedy

That rotation is a mess. 3 very young pitchers and 1 way past his prime and inconsistant. Yankees need at least one seasoned pitcher to stabilize the rotation.

does anybody think that since the asking price is so high for miguel cabrera is to high they maybe can go out and get maybe hank balock at a cheaper price i would lol just a thought.

yanks miguel cabrera already got traded

el diablo the yanks got andy pettite 3 days ago already

can someone please name all who are left handed starting pitchers in the free agent list please

you should know.....hahahahahahaha

Dear Mariners,

Sign Corey Patterson


i thiink the mets need a new mananger, as everyone said willie have no spark, mets needed someone like joe geradi or loue pinella or however that's spelt.

willie just sits and fold his hands when something goes wrong, dont do anything about it, then he skins his face. for a team with young stars they need someone to spark the flames, although i hate the mets.

yankees always :D

call me nuts, but what about the mets signing corey patterson, then trading carlos gomez...patterson isn't half bad, and it would make gomez more expendable...
and of course make the outfield defense better.

It's fun going back and reading the old replies to this post and compare them to what ACTUALLY happened. People saying Smoltz wouldn't be a Brave anymore, and that Andruw would be with the BoSox... Lowell would leave Boston...

People actually want Corey Patterson? I seem to recall the Cubs dumping him for a bag of baseballs, and even the O's don't want him. Although, I guess the free agent crop is thin and he could probably be had on the cheap. Still, you get what you (don't) pay for.

How is Freddy Garcia a Type B? He was 1-5 in like 8 starts.

So...nuts. How does replacing someone who will start the year in AAA with Corey Patterson make the OF defense better?

Alou in LF, Beltran in Right, Church in RF. Gomez will have to play everyday to continue to progress...and barring an injury will not be with the mets on opening day.

Why are there comments in here going back to March?

It alarmed me to see people talking about O-Dawg not being re-up'd by AZ if Callaspo develops and then I saw that the comment was from March. It is amazing that that comment was written back then and I hope nobody still feels that way. I see on Mets blogs how they all want to sign him, and it seems like there is about 50/50 momentum that he will or will not be back in 2009. That is very disturbing to me as a DBacks fan. I hope that Josh Byrnes is just trying to motivate him to be more consistant. He was the best player in MLB during the first month of 2008. I think he has the ability to turn into an AMAZING hitter and have 3 or 4 really excellent seasons at the plate. He is a 3x Gold Glove winner and they need to sign him until 2011. Hudson and Eric Byrnes both played the "I dont think im going to be back"-game via the press last summer and it paid off for Byrnes his namesake GM gave decided to build the offense around him. Personally I would have considered trading him before the deadline for some prospects because they could have started this year with Quentin, CY, and Upton , with Hairston as their 4th OF. That would have been amazing. Then they could have given some of Byrnes money to Hudson but as it is, if they lose Hudson next year , this team will have been mis-managed.

This DBacks team was originally on a 2008-2009 timetable and now it has been accelerated. I hope they dont ruin this by not signing Orlando. He is the centerpiece of the team.

Also it amazes me that Corey Patterson is still available. If I were a GM I would have brought him in already but I guess Boras is his agent and is asking too much.

I couldnt believe Josh Phelps went unsigned as long as he did. I think the Cardinals signing him is a clue that Pujols arm is injured and he may miss alot of time in 08. He stated yesterday that he "will not play through the pain as he did in 07"

Is Keith folk really going to try to play? There is stll some decent stuff left should be interesting over the next three weeks.

When does compensation get dropped for signing these free agents? Say if in may the athletics sign Bonds, do they still have to compensate the giants?

Here is my team. It's a mess, but I'll bet that they can have more wins than Florida...They will also have a lot of E's and Blown Saves.

(C) Johnny Estrada
(1B) Sean Casey
(2b) Yikes...Pedro Feliz
(SS) wow...Morgan Ensberg
(3B) Dallas McPherson
(CF) Corey Patterson
(LF) Brad Wilkerson
(RF) Trot Nixon

(1) Jeff Weaver
(2) Kris Benson
(3) Odalis Perez
(4) Mike Maroth
(5) Josh Fogg

(Long Man): Tomo Ohka
(Other Guys):
Jorge Julio
Jose Mesa
Trever Miller
Shawn Chacon

(Closer) ... Call me Crazy:Kyle Lohse

(Off The Bench) to Pinch Hit and Back-Up At Catcher Mike Piazza

Where's Omar Vizquel on that SS list?

Where's Omar Vizquel on that SS list?

Can Shannon Stewart play decent defense in CF? Maybe an option for Hendry instead of giving up ANYTHING for Byrd

Poor Dallas McPherson, oh how far you have fallen.

2 questions,

1) I think teams that are in need of a closer should look at Akinori Otsuka, I think he is a great closer and I don't see why a team such as the Cubs won't sign him. Do you really want Dempster?

2) Do you think Shannon Stewart could be the Twins' next CF? I don't know if the Twins want to re-sign Santana, but if they do I wonder if they're going to go after Stewart or possibly Lofton?

astros need one of the three:
maybe two of the three

first of all, the cubs should offer murton for byrd from the rangers and only that. if the rangers are requiring more, like gallagher or marshall, the cubs should cut off those talks and sign shannon stewart. he is relatively the same offensively but with less power. then try to get bedard or roberts with a mix of marshall, gallagher and infielders.

my all free-agent team is:

1. lofton lf
2. patterson cf
3. feliz ss
4. bonds dh
5. sosa rf
6. clark 1b
7. ensberg 3b
8. mientkiewicz 2b
9. estrada c

1. clemens
2. hernandez
3. colon
4. fogg
5. lohse

otsuka cl

miller c
casey 1b
mcpherson if
stewart of

Except for the little detain that Casey sucks and Mientkiewicz is left-handed and guys that wear the glove on their right-hand don't play 2B or SS and 3B for that matter...

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