Johan Santana Rumors

UPDATE, 1-28-08 at 9:42am: LEN3 jumps on his blog to give a few more tidbits.  He doesn’t see the Twins adding a player or any kind of three-team scenario unfolding, based on talks with Twins officials.

FROM 1-28-08 at 9:09am:

I imagine there will be a daily thread for Johan Santana rumors.  Here’s the latest from LEN3.

  • The Twins "may soon tell teams…to step up with their best offers."  The Yankees, Red Sox, and Mets are all still in the mix.
  • The officials Neal spoke to disputed Buster Olney’s suggestion that Jon Lester was off the table.
  • The Twins still want a big ol’ package from the Mets that includes both Carlos Gomez and Fernando Martinez.
  • Meanwhile, Sid Hartman at the same newspaper quotes the Twins’ assistant GM as saying their four-year, $80MM offer remains on the table.  Santana doesn’t seem likely to relent that far, and a trade may be a phone call away.

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