Odds and Ends: Colon, Koskie, Atkins

We take a break from your regularly scheduled Erik Bedard drama to bring you some random links.

  • The White Sox made an incentive-laden offer to Bartolo Colon, but Colon apparently physically disappeared at the thought of it.  There’s a joke here, somewhere.  Kenny Williams also almost kind of hinted at implying that he made some kind of effort to acquire Bedard.
  • A brief note from the Sun-Times – outfielder Brian Anderson may be traded to an NL team (Marlins?).
  • It’s possible that Corey Koskie makes another comeback attempt.  He’s gone through a postconcussion syndrome nightmare.
  • The Denver Post’s Troy Renck is always going over to Rockies players’ houses and chilling in their living rooms.  This time, it was Garrett Atkins.  Atkins says the Rox made a multiyear offer to him a year ago more similar to Jeff Francis‘ (4/13.25) than that of Aaron Cook (3/30) or Troy Tulowitzki (6/31).  That offer was to cover Atkins’ three arbitration years and have a club option for his first of free agency.
  • I recently did a Q&A with Science Fiction Baseball.
  • Website note: I am leaning toward doing a full redesign.  New logo, widen this baby, brighten her up, increase the font size, and yes, do away with the white on black type.  Lots of room for improvement with this clunky old design, we all know it.

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