Odds and Ends: Interview, Felix , Fujikawa

Let’s kick things off today with odds and ends.

  • Charley Walters says that "it wouldn’t be surprising" if the Twins go after Josh Fogg for some veteran stability.  I could see that.
  • I did an interview with Baseball Zealot Radio yesterday, which can be found here in mp3 form.
  • Bleeding Blue and Teal talks Mariners with KOMO Radio’s Shannon Drayer.  One interesting note, she wondered whether the Mariners might start thinking about a long-term deal for Felix Hernandez.
  • JapanBall.com says top reliever Kyuji Fujikawa signed with the Hansin Tigers for about $2.64MM.  The top-notch closer hoped to be posted, but the Tigers would not honor that request.
  • Anyone having problems viewing MLBTradeRumors.com?  I few people have emailed me saying it won’t load.  Let me know in the comments or at mlbtraderumors@gmail.com (which browser you use would be helpful).  I am hearing that FireFox users are having problems but clearing cookies and cache should solve them.
  • For those wondering, the times on MLBTR are in the Central Standard Time Zone, because that’s where I am.

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