Rockies Still Talking Long-Term With Hawpe

Troy Renck of The Denver Post reports that talks continue between the Colorado Rockies and Brad Hawpe regarding the possibility of a long-term deal.  This seems to conflict with Tracy Ringolsby’s report that progress was not being made.

Priority number one, for the time being, is getting Hawpe inked for the coming season.  With an arbitration hearing looming next month, Hawpe has submitted a $4.35 million dollar asking price, while the Rockies have submitted a figure of $3.575 million.

But looking beyond 2008 is a priority for the team.  Discussions point to a deal that would secure Hawpe through 2011, his first year of free agency, with a club option in that final year.

According to Renck:

The key to these contracts is finding comparables, and creating a big enough club option to entice the player.  For Hawpe, Pittsburgh’s Jason Bay represents a potential one. As a first-time arbitration-eligible player in 2006, Bay signed a four-year contract worth $18.25 million.

By Matt Birt

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