Gammons’ Latest: Bonds, Murton

ESPN’s Peter Gammons has a new blog post with some hot stove info.

  • Gammons has a quote from Andrew Friedman that should be the final word on Barry Bonds to Tampa Bay: If I didn’t entertain ideas, be it a signing of a great hitter like Bonds or a trade, I should be fired.  But that is past.  Let’s take Friedman at his word and rule Bonds out for the Rays.
  • Gammons notes that the Cubs have discussed Matt Murton with the Rangers and Red Sox, but he alone wouldn’t get them Marlon Byrd or Coco Crisp.  Murton was drafted 32nd overall by Boston in ’03, and then traded to the Cubs a year later in the Nomar Garciaparra deal.  Murton would remain pretty well blocked in Boston though.

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