Odds and Ends: Hughes, Nathan, Pedro

Here’s today’s collection.

  • Interesting article about Phil Hughes‘ blog.  We should see more and more player blogs as the Internet generation reaches the Majors.
  • Jonathan Mayo’s book Facing Clemens has hit shelves.  The MLB.com writer attempts to put you in the batter’s box against the Rocket.
  • Nothin’ doin’ on the Joe Nathan talks.  I thought they’d hammer this one out to restore some Johan goodwill.  Guess not.
  • Like reading about injuries?  Take a look at Baseball Injury Report, by my friend Rick Wilton.  Especially good for fantasy junkies.
  • Pedro isn’t going to approach the Mets about an extension, but he’d listen if they came to him.  The Mets want to see at least part of this season play out before considering it.

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