Brewers Make Offers To Braun And Fielder

When the Brewers renewed Prince Fielder’s contract at the beginning of the month, he wasn’t happy about it. He told the press, "My time is going to come. It’s going to come quick, too."

He may have been more right than he knew.

The Brewers have submitted multiyear contract proposals to Fielder and Ryan Braun. Each deal would buy out at least one year of free agency and include an option for an additional year past that.  No word yet on how much money is involved.

Bet on Braun getting at least as much as Troy Tulowitzki — six years, $30MM. Braun last year enjoyed what was arguably the greatest rookie season ever (though, as many have noted, he can’t field a lick). He is eligible for arbitration after the 2010 season and for free agency after 2014.

Fielder, who is represented by Scott Boras, is eligible for free agency after 2011. Not sure what it will take to buy his happiness. Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard was recently awarded $10MM in his first year of arbitration. Fielder could expect a similar payday next season.

This is a savvy move by Brewers owner Mark Attanasio. If Braun and Fielder turn down these contracts, at least Attanasio can say he tried — and he’ll still control the rights to Braun for the next seven seasons, and Fielder for the next three.

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