Inge Unlikely For Dodgers

It figures that the Dodgers would step up their efforts to bring in a third baseman given news of Nomar’s microfracture.  Jon Paul Morosi says their search has intensified, but Brandon Inge is not a likely target.  The Dodgers don’t want to spend that kind of money. 

This might imply that Joe Crede is the perfect fit, but Morosi also says the Dodgers want a player capable of playing second base.  Given those criteria, the Royals’ Esteban German and the Nationals’ Ron Belliard seem to make the most sense.  Ken Rosenthal wrote on March 9th that both players had attracted the Dodgers’ interest, but Dayton Moore then told Bob Dutton that they Dodgers hadn’t called about German.  Rob Neyer and Jeff Weisman believe Chin-Lung Hu is the cure to the short-term third base problem.

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