MLBTR Bullpen

I feel refreshed this morning after letting the MLBTR Bullpen step in for the rumors this past weekend.  The team was excellent.  I used to be a full nine-inning blogger but these days I like to come out after six and still get the win.  This analogy is starting to confuse me.

I didn’t do a good job explaining what the ‘pen currently looks like, so here is our tentative schedule.  All times are in CST.

Tim Dierkes

9am-1pm: Big Mike Glab
1pm-5pm: UmpBump team

9am-1pm: Nat Boyle
1pm-5pm: Matt Birt
5pm-9pm: Aaron Shinsano of East Windup Chronicle

Unscheduled Contributors
Joe Pawlikowski of River Ave. Blues
Cork Gaines of Rays Index
Andrew Stoeten of Drunk Jays Fans

I should also mention Brian Ward, owner of the Blogs By Fans network.  Brian has done a lot of behind the scenes stuff for me and will be doing my site redesign.  Fingers crossed, we hope to have that ready around Opening Day.

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