Nats To Pass On Weaver

Scott Boras found a deal for Kyle Lohse; will he now focus on getting Jeff Weaver a job?  On Monday, Jeff’s brother Jered said the Nationals and Cardinals had expressed interest.  The Cards are surely out of the mix now, and’s Bill Ladson says Weaver has seemingly "priced himself out of the Nats’ pay range."  I’ll guess the Nats were thinking $2MM or so.

So if the Nats and Cards are both out, what’s the elder Weaver to do?  Baltimore seems to be his best option.  Toronto could work.  Perhaps the Astros as a long shot.

In a note at the bottom of his article, Ladson also quashes a short-lived Felipe Lopez to the Cubs rumor.  He adds that the Dodgers have legitimate interest in Willie Harris.

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