Odds And Ends: Crede, Marlins, Canó, Bonds

Some interesting tidbits this afternoon before I check out:

  • Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that one of Brian Sabean’s top advisors, Ted Uhlaender, was present to witness Joe Crede’s homer off of Arizona’s Max Scherzer on Saturday.  Seems more and more likely, as Crede proves his back is fine, that he will be moved to the Giants.  Will the White Sox get Kevin Correia in exchange for Crede?  The White Sox need a back-of-the-rotation guy, and Kenny Williams and company think they can win this year.  So prospects probably won’t get it done.  While the Giants could conceivably use Rich Aurilia or Kevin Frandsen at third, Sabean will most likely be unable to resist Crede’s 2006.
  • Juan Rodriguez of the Sun-Sentinel digs up this little tidbit: The Florida Marlins haven’t signed a player to a multi-year contract since December 2005, when they signed Carlos Delgado to a four-year, $55MM contract, and Paul Lo Duca to a three-year, $18MM deal.  One would hope that this trend will end soon enough, and that owner Jeff Loria will open the purse strings for Hanley Ramirez when the time is right.
  • Tyler Kepner of The New York Times explores the relative surprise that Robinson Canó has been considering his draft position and reputation as a prospect, and details how frequently the Yankees almost dealt him before he made the big club.  Canó was nearly dealt for Alex Rodriguez, Carlos Beltrán, and Randy Johnson in different instances. 
  • AP Sports Writer Bob Baum explains that Bud Selig isn’t trying to keep Barry Bonds from being signed.  Selig stressed that each club is free to deal with whomever they please.

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