Bucs Sign Capps Through ’09

According to Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Pirates signed closer Matt Capps through the 2009 season.  They added $65K to his ’08 salary and gave him $2.35MM for ’09 (his first arb year).  They also tossed in a $500K signing bonus.  Previously, Kovacevic had said talks with Capps fizzled because of Manny Corpas‘ deal.

Corpas receives $2.75MM for his first arb year, so Capps gets about 85% of that.  By that logic, perhaps the Pirates could buy out Capps’ last two arb years (2010-11) for a total of $8.3MM or so.  Regardless, this is a nice little move for Neal Huntington.  According to Capps, the Pirates made a four-year offer in December and remained persistent until now.

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