Rays To Sign Longoria Long-Term

12:23pm: MLB.com has the particulars: $17.5MM guaranteed over six years, with the potential for $44MM over nine years.  I like this unprecedented move by the Rays.

11:25am: Rosenthal says it will be something like $17MM over six seasons plus options for two free agent years.  There will also be incentives along the way.

10:45am: Ken Rosenthal has the scoop.  It’s a long-term deal for Evan Longoria.  I definitely didn’t see this coming – he only has six games in the bigs!  Interesting move.  I’m curious to see if the Rays snagged options for any free agent years.

10:12am: Baseball Digest Daily reports that the Rays have a press conference and major announcement planned a couple hours from now.  No one has any idea what it’s about.

Barry Bonds signing?  B.J. Upton extension?  Something about the new stadium?  Let’s hear your guesses.

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