Boras Discusses Oliver Perez

Scott Boras represents impending free agent starter Oliver Perez, who might be in line for a huge payday if he can have another decent year.  John Delcos has heard speculation of a five-year, $60MM starting point.  If Perez can post a sub-4.00 ERA in ’08, that price will probably be exceeded.  Boras was in L.A. yesterday, giving reporters his typical spin.  To hear Boras tell it, Perez is not erratic and compares favorably to Johan Santana at the same age.

Perez, Jon Garland, Mark Prior, and C.C. Sabathia constitute the under-30 free agent starter group.  Perez will be 27 in August and is the youngest of the group.  All four have their flaws, but at least Perez is healthy and won’t require $100MM.

Boras doesn’t plan on negotiating during the season with the Mets.  We know how he operates – if Perez has an off year and that huge offer doesn’t materialize, he’ll probably find his client a one-year, $12MM deal and hope for a rebound.

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