Cafardo’s Latest: Boston Could Use Vizquel

Last week I heard Peter Gammons on ESPN radio discussing Omar Vizquel as a possible replacement candidate for the struggling Julio Lugo.  In today’s Boston Globe, Nick Cafardo chimes in:

"Vizquel is quite fond of Boston but would be interested only if he were a starter. He has a close relationship with Manny Ramírez from their Cleveland days. Vizquel still has a terrific glove and can hit."

Lugo – who is just returning from a mild concussion – finds himself batting .284 but with a .331 OBP and only 7 extra base hits, all doubles.  He has a major league leading 11 errors, almost half of the Red Sox 23 errors.  Here’s a sampling of Red Sox fan frustration.

Playing in a hitters haven would be a good move for Vizquel, who wants to play in ’09, assuming he produces in the spotlight of Boston.  I see Vizquel as a band-aid (although a band-aid may be what they need).  He might be a better option than a Cora/Lugo platoon; however, the Red Sox are a team that can weather this problem even if Lugo’s contract becomes a sunk cost this year.  Jed Lowrie should be called back up this season and may progress well enough to be the solution, making Lugo the new Coco Crisp in ’09.

By Nat Boyle

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