Erik Bedard Speculation

So far, we haven’t read any actual rumors suggesting the Mariners will shop Erik Bedard.  However, it’s become a prevalent discussion topic among the team’s beat writersJohn McGrath even suggests Phillies GM Pat Gillick should acquire Bedard as his last hurrah.  The Phils do have a history of interest in the lefty.

Though they don’t get much press, the Phillies have three Top 100 prospects in Carlos Carrasco, Adrian Cardenas, and Joe Savery.  Gillick could certainly pull off a trade, though it’s interesting to note that the Phils have used the same five starters all year.

Almost half the teams in baseball had interest in Bedard last winter.  That list has narrowed, but there should be healthy competition for his services if the Mariners make him available.  I wonder if Bill Bavasi would get to call the shots this time around. 

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