Molony’s Latest: Minaya, Oswalt, Arroyo, Redding’s Jim Molony tackles the hot stove in today’s article.

  • Molony says Omar Minaya is on the hot seat, though others feel his job is relatively safe.
  • Roy Oswalt is not available, but he was recently scouted by the Angels, Braves, Mets, and Phillies.
  • The Yanks have scouted C.C. Sabathia and Bronson Arroyo but haven’t made any offers.  I just don’t see how Arroyo could be effective back in the American League.
  • The Phillies are still looking for a lefty reliever.  Looking at my Trade Market post, Alan Embree, George Sherrill, Brian Fuentes, Eddie Guardado, Damaso Marte, John Grabow, Ron Mahay, or Jeremy Affeldt could fit the bill.  It still doesn’t seem like a pressing need to me, though.
  • Molony speculates that Tim Redding could be a popular name on the trade market.  Redding has a 4.10 ERA, but it’s propped up by a .258 BABIP (as a team, the Nationals have a .307 BABIP).

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