Rosenthal’s Latest: Padilla, Greinke, Hatteberg

Let’s discuss Ken Rosenthal’s lastest column.

  • There’s some chatter that the ’09 draft class will be weak.  This could motivate teams to trade their impending free agent stars this July rather than collect compensation picks.
  • Mets pitching coach Rick Peterson has "fallen out of favor with some in the organization."  Rosenthal believes he’d be a hot commodity if fired.
  • The Rangers are open to trading Vicente Padilla, as you’d expect.  We’ve heard some crazy things about the asking price.
  • While the Royals don’t seem to consider Zack Greinke untouchable, they’d have to be bowled over to trade him.
  • The Yanks probably don’t have room for Ben Broussard, and the Orioles could swoop in and sign him if he’s granted free agency this month.
  • Look for Scott Hatteberg to become a free agent today; interest appears to be tepid.
  • The Florida teams are willing to spend money for midseason upgrades.  They’re understandably reluctant to trade prospects.
  • Doesn’t seem like Orlando Cabrera will be signing long-term with the White Sox.

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