Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Joe Blanton

A few notes on the Joe Blanton trade from around the Blogosphere…

  • The Fightins wonder if acquiring Blanton was a good move and feel that J.A. Happ deserved another shot to grab a spot in the rotation.
  • The 700 Level says that Blanton is not the #2 starter that the Phils needed, but he does add depth to the rotation.
  • Phillies Nation wonders if the Phils could now flip Brett Myers (and change) to the Rockies for Matt Holliday.
  • Philliesflow feels that trading for Blanton was a move that needed to be made, but wonder if the Phillies overpaid for a starter who was struggling in a pitcher’s park.
  • Beerleaguer feels that at worst Blanton is a Jon Lieber-type, but could be a strong starter for the rest of ’08. However, they are worried about Blanton beyond this season.
  • Athletic Supporters feels that the Blanton deal will have little impact on the ’08 A’s but could put the team in a better position to dip their feet into the free agency waters after the season.
  • Catfish Stew is surprised at the quality of the prospects that the A’s were able to land for Blanton.

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