D’Backs Not Interested In Bonds

WEDNESDAY, 7:43pm: Magruder talked to Bonds’ agent, Jeff Borris.  Borris says the D’Backs have never had interest in Bonds, based on conversations with the team.  However, Bonds would love to play for them.  Borris says he could be ready to go in a week to ten days.

WEDNESDAY, 9:17am: Jack Magruder takes this rumor a step further, saying the D’Backs have had internal discussions about Bonds.

TUESDAY: It seems that D’Backs outfielder Eric Byrnes is out for the season.  The team could certainly continue to get by with Conor Jackson in left field and Chad Tracy at first.  Or, they could just pick up a lefty-masher on the cheap to complement Tracy.

GM Josh Byrnes admits he’s looking at outside options, and seems to crave more than a platoon bat to give the offense a jolt.  When asked about Barry Bonds, Byrnes responded:

He and maybe a couple of others are sort of sitting out there.  I think it’s a bit of assessing any players’ readiness, then knocking somebody out of the lineup, dollars, etc. I don’t want to talk about him specifically, but, believe me, we’ve considered a lot of options. There is sort of no one obvious option right now, but there are a lot of considerations.

Maybe we’re reaching, but this is the closest we’ve seen to consideration of Bonds in a long time.  Piecoro believes Bonds has been discussed.  Piecoro tosses out Kenny Lofton as another option.  The D’Backs could also consider some of the same corner outfielders I named for the MetsAdam Dunn, for example.  Will Carroll on the Dunn-to-AZ idea:  Dunn would be a great fit in Arizona, but no one seems to think that’s going to happen.

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