MLB Investigating Betting, Bonus-Skimming Scandals

Cheers to MLB for following George Mitchell’s suggestion and creating an investigative unit.  It’s already helping to crack down on a couple of serious scandals, along with the FBI.  I also like ESPN’s hiring of Mark Fainaru-Wada and T.J. Quinn.  If I had something to hide, I wouldn’t want these guys on the case.

First we had several White Sox employees canned in May for possibly skimming bonuses intended for Dominican prospects.  Then a week ago the L.A. Times said at least one GM "has already come under suspicion."

On Saturday, the Fainaru-Wade/Quinn team broke the news that Nationals GM Jim Bowden and special assistant Jose Rijo are under investigation for possible roles in the scandal.  Bowden says he had no role and is not under suspicion, though.  Rijo says he and Bowden are both "clean as a whistle" and "clean as Irish Spring soap."

Meanwhile’s Jon Heyman discovered that Orioles scout Alan Marr was fired for ties to sports betting.  Other scouts may be implicated, but there’s no indication of game-fixing.  Heyman believes Marr was tied to a bookmaking operation.

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