D’Backs Interested In Tony Clark

According to Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Padres’ callup of first baseman Bryan Myrow increases the likelihood of a Tony Clark trade.  Myrow, 31, hit .324/.455/.502 in 87 Triple A games.  Granted, he’s had multiple stints at Triple A.  But Myrow is a Paul DePodesta favorite who has never gotten a legitimate shot in the bigs despite mastery of Triple A.

DePo had this to say about Clark on his blog:

Tony is the type of player that you’ll often see moved at the deadline. He’s a veteran player who has been very successful coming off the bench in recent years, can change the game with one swing of the bat from either side of the plate, and is known in the industry as one of the finest clubhouse leaders in the game.

DePodesta admits that Clark’s power, his calling card, is down significantly this year.  He’s slugging just .314; it may be due to the limited role.  Krasovic notes that Clark gets a $500K bonus if traded.  According to Jack Macgruder, the D’Backs might be interested in bringing him back. They made a two-year offer to Clark in December, but pulled it off the table.

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