Brian Giles Claimed By Red Sox

4:34pm: Tom Krasovic has further musings on the Giles situation.  He wonders if the Red Sox could rent Giles for the rest of the season and then let him go back to the Padres as a free agent.

THURSDAY, 11:06am: Interestingly, the Red Sox won the claim on Giles.  Their intent was to block the Rays, according to Ken Rosenthal.  Giles can veto a trade to Boston, and he might simply because his playing time could be reduced.  Also, I have learned that Giles would still be able to veto a straight salary dump.  The Padres can’t use this situation to sneak around Giles’ no-trade clause.

Boston winning the claim means all NL teams passed on Giles, as well as most AL teams.

WEDNESDAY: According to Ken Rosenthal, Padres right fielder Brian Giles was claimed on waivers by an unknown team.  Giles has about $2.7MM left on his contract this year.  He also has a $9MM option for ’09 with a $3MM buyout (which logically should be exercised).  Giles gets another $2MM if traded.  Rosenthal adds that Giles can block deals to the Orioles, Red Sox, Tigers, Rays, Marlins, Brewers, Pirates, and Nationals.

Rosenthal says the Padres will attempt to make a deal with the claiming team, though it won’t be a salary dump.  Giles, 37, is hitting .318/.405/.438 away from PETCO this year.  Not too many players are capable of a .400 OBP.

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