Marlins Explored Flipping Manny To Yankees

Obviously the Red Sox and Yankees never would’ve worked out a trade for Manny Ramirez.  However,’s Scott Miller says the Marlins briefly explored the idea of acquiring Ramirez and flipping him to the Yankees.  The idea didn’t get anywhere – neither the Yankees nor Scott Boras were having it.

Miller also talked to "a person close to Ramirez" who says he wouldn’t have accepted a trade to the Marlins due to their "big ballpark and unstable ownership."  Miller suggests the Marlins were never actually close to obtaining Ramirez, despite the various reports floating around Wednesday night. 

Jon Heyman wrote Thursday morning that Ramirez consented to a trade to the Marlins though a deal had not been reached.  So we’ve got conflicting reports on his willingness to play there.  Heyman believes the Marlins overplayed their hand, asking for the $7MM to cover Manny’s salary plus $2MM to pay for the resulting draft picks.

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