Odds and Ends: Kendall, Laird, Giles, Manny

Today’s linkage…

  • A friend pointed out to me how strange it is that the Twins were willing to take on Jarrod Washburn‘s salary and give up Boof Bonser but chose to trade Johan Santana before the season.  If Bill Smith could go back in time, would he still make that deal?
  • A Gary Sheffield acquisition by the Rays is "unlikely but not impossible," according to one Buster Olney source.
  • As expected, Jason Kendall‘s option for ’09 vested.  He’s off the list!
  • The Rangers were willing to trade Gerald Laird and a solid prospect to the Marlins for Chris Volstad.
  • The Padres are wavering on Brian Giles‘ 2009 option.  Scott Miller also wonders if they’ll be able to take on Trevor Hoffman for another year.
  • Miller says the Marlins had a deal for Manny Ramirez worked out, but the commissioner’s office killed it because the Marlins would’ve been getting draft picks rather than a second player.  Manny would’ve vetoed it anyway.
  • Rob Neyer thinks the Yankees will exceed a $200MM payroll if need be next year.
  • There seems a good chance Randy Johnson pitches next year.
  • Randy Winn and Bengie Molina may be traded this winter.
  • Missed this one from Monday – the White Sox acquired reliever Franklyn German from the Pirates for a player to be named later.

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