Francoeur to the Royals?

Pure speculation here, but the Jeff Francoeur-to-the-Royals rumors continue. Joe Posnanski had a throwaway line in this post about "Jeff Francoeur, who I predict will be a Royal soon." An eagle-eyed reader emailed Atlanta writer David O’Brien to ask if this was supposed to be a joke. O’Brien responded:

"…that’s not tongue-in-cheek by Posnanski. As we’ve mentioned a few times, KC is the one team I wouldn’t be surprised to see Francoeur traded to, simply because of Dayton Moore and his long association with Francoeur. They remain friends who stay in contact, from my understanding. But more importantly, Dayton was here when the Braves drafted and developed Francoeur, and he’s going to have a lot better memory/impression of the player than other teams/GMs who’d just Francoeur on his performance slide and or what they’ve heard from scouts or through the grapevine…"

Another potential factor favoring Francoeur in KC: though the right fielder has never managed to walk a lot in the big leagues (.312 OBP), the Royals don’t seem to value walks at all, anyway.

Francoeur has gone from hometown favorite to disappointment in Atlanta—though to be fair to Frenchy, expectations could not have been higher. Perhaps he’s just another one of those top prospects who never pan out. But maybe the 24-year old would flourish away from an atmosphere that’s  become toxic.

Atlanta obviously has a long shopping list of things they’d like. So any ideas on what the Royals might be willing to part with?

Sarah Green writes for the Boston Metro and UmpBump.

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5 years 1 month ago

good trade!, because francoeur is very bad!