Burnett’s Opt-Out Decision Comes First

Cathal Kelly of the Toronto Star talked to A.J. Burnett‘s agent, Darek Braunecker.  Braunecker says Burnett has until fifteen days after the World Series to decide whether to opt out, and there will be no contract discussions with the Blue Jays until that decision is made.  So now the Jays play the waiting game…even though it’s obvious Burnett will opt out.

Kelly says Toronto is preparing an offer that would equate to four years, $54MM.  That’s unlikely to get it done, though Braunecker says years are more important than dollars.  His words:

"The primary issue would be how many years they would be willing to go.  It’s difficult to get five years on a pitcher…but if indeed he says he wants another five-year deal, we may have to go out on the market to get that."

Burnett expects Braunecker to tell him what he’s worth, and it’s probably five years and more than $80MM.

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