Elias Projections: NL Infielders

Eddie Bajek at Detroit Tigers Thoughts has his projections of the Elias rankings for National League second basemen, third basemen, and shortstops.

  • Type A: Orlando Hudson.  Hudson will surely be offered arbitration from the D’Backs, and will likely decline in search of a multiyear deal.  The D’Backs could snag a first-round pick if the Cardinals, White Sox, or Mets sign him (among others).
  • Tybe B: Jeff Kent, Casey Blake, Mark Loretta.  Blake seems likely to get an arb offer and turn it down, resulting in a supplemental draft pick for the Dodgers if he leaves Los Angeles.
  • Neither: Rafael Furcal, Ray Durham, Omar Vizquel, Felipe Lopez, and many more.  Furcal, the best available shortstop, carries no draft pick compensation penalty (nor do the Type Bs).

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