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9:53pm: More from Olney.  The Padres are aggressively shopping Peavy, with the Braves and Dodgers two possible suitors.  Olney’s sources believe Peavy will be dealt "in the weeks ahead."  The Padres want two young pitchers and a near MLB-ready center fielder in return.  The Braves and Dodgers could both meet that demand.

7:07pm: O’Brien has a new article up; he says the Braves and Padres have discussed Peavy.  Not much is known beyond that.  Paul DePodesta offers his thoughts on the situation, basically explaining that any player should be available for a compelling return.  Thus far, the Padres haven’t received a compelling offer for Peavy.

10:04am: It’s early in the process, but Jake Peavy‘s availability has baseball fans all worked up.  As a reminder, Peavy prefers the NL.  He specifically likes Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, and St. Louis.  He considers L.A. a particularly good fit and therefore is open to the Angels.  Peavy controls his fate, as he has a full no-trade clause.  On to today’s links:

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