Odds and Ends: Building A Bullpen, GM Gossip

It’s a bit of a slow day for rumors, what with Game 3 of the World Series and all. Nonetheless, here are a few tangential tidbits for the afternoon:

  • Sean McAdam of the Boston Herald notes that the Tampa Bay Rays don’t save their best relievers for the 9th inning; Dave Pinto says it’s "a feather in his cap" that manager Joe Maddon can get his pitchers to excel in such undefined roles. If you can get players to buy into it, it’s a cheap and effective way to build a bullpen — witness the 2007 Indians. If not, it’s a wreck — witness the 2003 Red Sox.
  • John Romano of the St. Petersburg Times asks: does former GM Chuck LaMar or current GM Andrew Friedman deserve the credit for Tampa Bay’s success this year?
  • Canadian teams are feeling the pinch as the Loonie falls in value, writes Don McGowan. As if the Blue Jays didn’t have enough to worry about!

Sarah Green writes for the Boston Metro and UmpBump.com.

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