Where Could Prince Land?

Prince Fielder will be an intriguing name if he hits the trade market.  Many teams will not be able to afford Mark Teixeira, while Ryan Howard is apparently unavailable.  So three years of Prince at a reasonable price looks pretty good.  Which teams have a vacancy at first base?

  • Orioles.  Consolation prize to the Tex sweepstakes?  Brian Roberts, George Sherrill, and Melvin Mora would add depth for the Brewers, and Roberts gets you two draft picks if he leaves after the season.
  • Yankees.  The Brewers would probably want MLB-ready talent, meaning Phil Hughes.
  • Blue Jays.  The Brewers sent the Jays their current first baseman, Lyle Overbay.  Not sure how they’d match up on players.
  • Indians.  The Brewers would probably ask for some quality pitching, and it doesn’t seem like the Indians should part with theirs.
  • Angels.  If Tex leaves, perhaps.
  • Giants. The Fielder for Matt Cain rumor is popular, but has it been discussed by Melvin and Brian Sabean?  Who wins a straight-up swap?

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