Cubs Rumors: Teahen, Edmonds, Marquis

Earlier today I spoke with a source familiar with the Cubs’ thinking, and dug up enough info for a fresh post.

  • While Mark Teahen is a player of interest for the Cubs, they certainly won’t be trading Mike Fontenot and Sean Marshall for him.  The Cubs don’t consider Teahen the middle of the order bat they require.
  • Royals outfielder David DeJesus also interests the Cubs, but the source has the impression Dayton Moore would have to be overwhelmed to trade him.  There seems a good chance DeJesus stays put this winter.
  • The Cubs aren’t keen on bringing Jim Edmonds back for 2009.
  • There are no perfect fits for the right field vacancy, and the Cubs are willing to sacrifice some defense to add that middle of the order lefthanded hitter.
  • The Cubs are hoping a market forms for Jason Marquis, and are willing to eat salary "within reason."  They would be content with Marquis as their fifth starter if nothing surfaces.  I couldn’t get any specifics, but the Cubs do feel that they have reasonable options to clear payroll other than trading Marquis.
  • Teams around baseball are wary of certain Type A/B free agents accepting offers of arbitration.  Expect the Cubs to figure out where Kerry Wood stands before deciding whether to offer.

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