White Sox Shopping Vazquez, Swisher?

8:43pm: Ken Davidoff says the Yankees had "extremely preliminary" talks with the Sox regarding Swisher.  Something to keep an eye on if the Yanks don’t sign Mark Teixeira.  Additionally, Davidoff says the White Sox are not anxious to unload Vazquez.

9:42am: According to Dave van Dyck of the Chicago Tribune, the White Sox are aggressively shopping Javier Vazquez and Nick Swisher.  Additionally, the Sox reportedly have interest in Rockies center fielder Willy Taveras.

GM Ken Williams didn’t offer much info regarding possible trade talks.  Van Dyck speculates on names like Luis Castillo or Julio Lugo for Vazquez, seemingly suggesting Vazquez has a terrible contract too.  Hard to figure out, as he remains a useful mid-rotation starter. Sox Machine wants the abuse of logic to stop. 

Van Dyck wonders whether the A’s or Red Sox would have interest in Swisher, based on some tenuous Moneyball connection.  Joel Sherman believes Swisher could be a fit for the Yankees due to his versatility.  Williams replied in the negative when asked whether Swisher would play center field for the ’09 White Sox, which could be interpreted multiple ways.

Van Dyck says the Rockies wouldn’t have interest in Vazquez or Swisher, but rather a young pitcher like Lance Broadway for Taveras.

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