Baseball Blogs Weigh In: Teixeira

On this date 89 years ago, the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. The move may have come as a result of Ruth’s threat to not play until the Red Sox increased his salary from $10K to $20K.  The Red Sox received $100K and a $300K loan from the Yankees, using Fenway Park as collateral on the loan. It is believed that the Red Sox turned down an offer of Shoeless Joe Jackson and $60K from the White Sox. The best hitter to change teams this off-season is Mark Teixeira, who also spurned the Red Sox and joined the Yankees. The signing has caused quite a stir. Let’s see what is being written in the Blogosphere…

  • Ump Bump breaks down the winners and losers of the Teixeira signing.
  • Lizzy of Babes Love Baseball wonders why a salary cap would be so bad and feels NYC taxpayers should be pissed.
  • We Love DC had the sensors working overtime in their reaction to the Nats losing out on the Teixeira sweepstakes.
  • The Joy of Sox says it is just the Yankees being the Yankees, having committed over $1B, with a ‘B’, in new contracts in the past 13 months.
  • Sully Baseball says there is no reason for Red Sox fans to panic, noting that all the Yankees have done this off-season is buy players that have never played in a big market and have no idea what the expectations are going to be.
  • Fire Brand of the American League explains why the Red Sox will be just fine without Teixeira.
  • Center Field says the Teixeira signing makes the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry interesting again.
  • Red Sox Fan from Pinstripe Territory is not worried, saying the Yankees are just trying to "buy second place." [CG – Who finished second in ’08?]
  • Surviving Grady points out that the Teixeira signing is good news for Alex Rodriguez‘ delicate sensibilities.
  • Oriole Post says the Teixeira signing should convince everybody that baseball needs a salary cap.
  • Infield Chatter takes a look at eight teams most affected by the Teixeira signing.
  • Ed Valentine at Bugs and Cranks refuses to apologize for the Yankees doing everything they can to win and notes that unlike the Red Sox, the Yankees always do what is necessary to get the player they want.
  • River Ave. Blues and Bronx Banter point out that the increase in the Yankees’ payroll from ’08 to ’09 will only be negligible.
  • Sox and Pinstripes says the Yankees are just doing what the Red Sox did in ’07 prior to winning the World Series.
  • El Lefty Malo says Teixeira is like a tall glass of prune juice…Yep, these are our baseball blogs.

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