Another Manny Update From Feinsand

SATURDAY, 5:47pm: Mark Feinsand reports:

"Manny Ramirez has told friends that he is confident the Yankees will offer him a contract of at least three years."

Earlier this week we clarified that Manny has yet to receive any offer from the Yanks, as far as we can tell.

As this evening’s article states, where Ramirez ends up is largely contingent upon the upcoming Mark Teixeira signing. The Angels, Yankees and Dodgers are on the short list of bidders for Ramirez’ services.

THURSDAY: On Wednesday, Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News relayed thoughts from a baseball official who believed the Yankees are willing to give Manny Ramirez a three-year deal worth $22-25MM per.  So this is a likely non-Yankees baseball person giving an opinion.  Feinsand added that two other officials were skeptical that the Yankees would offer three years.

Today, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe wrote:  "The New York Daily News has already reported the Yankees have a three-year, $66 million offer out to Manny."

As far as I can tell, the New York Daily News did not report that the Yankees made a three-year offer or any offer to Ramirez.  If they did, please send me the link and I’ll put it up!

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