Mark Teixeira Rumors: Monday

8:07pm:’s Jon Heyman says baseball people expect Teixeira to sign before Thursday.  Rival execs see the Red Sox as the favorite.  The Orioles and Nationals remain engaged; the Yankees are the wild card.  Heyman says the Yanks would only want to spend slightly more than the $161MM they committed to C.C. Sabathia.

7:20pm: Roch Kubatko of MASN Online learned from multiple sources that the Nationals "have sweetened their proposal to Teixeira, offering him an eight-year deal worth $178-184MM."  He’s been told they’re willing to go nine years and there’s been talk of ten.

9:02am: ESPN’s Buster Olney sums up the Mark Teixeira situation in his blog today.  Olney says Teixeira’s "leverage has probably maxed out, and now only runs the risk of being diminished."  The status of the involved teams:

  • Angels: out of the running.
  • Yankees: Olney says they initially made an offer that was markedly less than other teams, and have since withdrawn it.
  • Orioles: Olney says they’re at seven years, $140MM (as opposed to the $140-150MM range we’ve seen reported).  Offer has not been upgraded.
  • Nationals: eight years, $160MM based on published reports.  Olney is not sure whether the Nats have raised this offer but heard from confidants of "one high-ranking executive" that they have not.  Olney’s Nationals sources expressed pessimism about their chances.
  • Joe Posnanski: out of the bidding.
  • Red Sox: Were willing to do $170-175MM when they flew out to meet Teixeira and Scott Boras; "might be nudged to $180MM."  We know that the Red Sox did not pull their offer, but haven’t spoken to Boras since Thursday night.
  • Olney wonders: will Boras shoot for $190MM with the intent of topping Derek Jeter‘s $189MM?  If he tops it, Boras would secure the third-largest contract in MLB history for Teixeira (with his Alex Rodriguez deals taking the first two slots).

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