Yankees Pursuing Manny

3:26pm: Ken Davidoff has a different opinion on the subject of Manny’s future in New York, as well as a couple of other interesting free agent names. From his Sunday update:

"I would not bet so much as a penny on the Yankees acquiring Manny Ramirez, Ben Sheets or Mark Teixeira. Andy Pettitte can come back, and Mike Cameron will come aboard if the Brewers take Kei Igawa. If deals involving those two guys can’t happen, then maybe a starting pitcher/centerfielder in those price ranges (one-year investments for about $10 million) will wind up in the Bronx. But that’s about it."

9:21am: The New York Post’s George A. King III reports that if the Yankees can’t get Mark Teixeira, they’re "right there on" Manny Ramirez.

"If they pass on Teixeira, the Yankees will try and bolster a sagging lineup with Ramirez… And to clear some money, they might entertain offers for outfielder Xavier Nady, who made $3.35 million last year, is arbitration eligible and a free agent after the 2009 season."

The article mentions a three-year deal despite Scott Boras seeking five.  King suggests Jermaine Dye is another option; however, Dye has the Yankees listed as one of six teams to which he would veto a trade.

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