Evaluating Michael Young Suitors

Michael Young‘s trade request is the hot topic this morning.  Young, 32, is owed $62MM over the next five seasons and controls his fate with his full no-trade clause.  He’s submitted a (small) list of teams to which he’d accept a trade to Rangers GM Jon Daniels, and we don’t know who’s on it.  Ken Rosenthal says the Rangers want a young third baseman in any deal.  Young is willing to consider playing second base if he’s dealt. 

Before we take a look at various possibilities, we have to establish that Young is overpaid at a $12.4MM average salary over the next five seasons.  FanGraphs suggests he was worth that amount only once, in 2006 (the dollar value of a win will increase, but Young will decline).  Even if we’re being generous it’s hard to value Young at more than $10MM a year over the next five.  On to possible suitors, starting with those who have been rumored:

  • Twins: Jon Heyman wrote about a month ago that they inquired, but wondered if Young would waive his no-trade clause to go there.  The Twins re-signed Nick Punto to play shortstop, but could find a place for Young.  Third base is probably considered a bigger need.  Surely the Rangers would love to pry one of their young starters loose though.
  • Mets:  Luis Castillo‘s contract is an impediment for the Mets, who are focused on their rotation currently.
  • Angels:  Brandon Wood or Chone Figgins might fit from the Rangers’ point of view, but Rosenthal says the increased price for a division rival makes a deal unlikely.  Plus, the Angels are set with Howie Kendrick and Erick Aybar.
  • Dodgers:  The Dodgers were said to be interested before they re-signed Rafael Furcal.  Adding Young as a second baseman would put Blake DeWitt out of a job for no reason, and the Dodgers have pitching to acquire.
  • Royals:  The Royals have Mike Aviles at shortstop with Alberto Callaspo and Willie Bloomquist battling at second.  And Young’s contract would figure to be a problem.
  • White Sox:  Josh Fields could fit for the Rangers, though GM Ken Williams seemed to indicate a recent Jermaine Dye-Young rumor was baseless.
  • Red Sox: Nick Cafardo wrote earlier this month that they do not have interest in Young.

Which young third basemen might be available?  The Reds have Edwin Encarnacion, a third baseman in name only.  The Rockies have Garrett Atkins, but probably lack the payroll room.  The Rays have Willy Aybar, but not the need or payroll room for Young.  Can anyone think of a reasonable match for Young?  Commenters below are suggesting the Cardinals.

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