Levine On Young, Dye, Poreda, Peavy, Heilman

ESPN Radio’s Bruce Levine has some good info tonight.

The White Sox are seeking a top-of-the-order hitter, and they’ve discussed Michael Young with the Rangers.  The Rangers asked for Jermaine Dye and Aaron Poreda, and the Sox are unwilling to trade Poreda.  The Rangers like Dye, so maybe the two teams will find a match on players.  Young is owed roughly $60MM over the next five years.

If the Cubs are to restart their talks for Jake Peavy, the new ownership groups for both the Cubs and Padres will have to be willing.  Levine also notes that the Cubs have an eye on Mariners pitcher Aaron Heilman, a player they’ve shown interest in before.  Levine speculates that Ronny Cedeno could be a fit for Seattle.

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