Pedro Not A Fit For Marlins

2:35pm: Juan C. Rodriguez of the Sun Sentinel also shoots down the rumor, stating that it looks like given their lack of interest in Carl Pavano, the Marlins don’t want to give a rotation spot to a pitcher attempting to rebound.

Rodriguez says that Ricky Nolasco, Josh Johnson, and Chris Volstad are locks for the rotation, with Andrew Miller and Anibal Sanchez as the favorites for the other two spots. Ryan Tucker, Sean West, Frankie De La Cruz and Aaron Thompson are in the mix as well.

11:21am: Clark Spencer of the Miami Herald  shoots down the rumor that Pedro Martinez is a possible fit for the Marlins. Spencer heard from multiple sources that "nothing is afoot on that front." The Marlins either have a lack of interest or a lack of money.

Spencer did hear that Pedro’s interested in playing for the Marlins. One source even said they were his "first choice." However, no discussions have taken place between the Marlins and Martinez recently and none are planned.

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