Reds Predictions From John Fay

John Fay has taken a unique approach to generating some more offseason predictions for this weekend. Rather than offer up ideas on what the Reds might do, Fay thinks he’s more likely to be correct if he takes a few guesses at what they won’t do.

  • The Reds will not acquire a veteran shortstop; Alex Gonzalez and Jeff Keppinger should be up to the task. If healthy, Gonzalez should start over Keppinger, says Fay.
  • Joey Votto will not be traded this offseason. Fay quotes Jocketty on this one; says the GM, "No chance."
  • Micah Owings will not play the outfield. He’ll pitch, as he well should.
  • The Reds won’t sign a veteran outfielder to a multi-year contract. If the Reds do sign such an outfielder, like Bobby Abreu, the deal will be for one-year. With the economy the way it is, such a deal may become increasingly more favorable to a player like Abreu.
  • As for Adam Dunn and Ken Griffey, Jr., however, neither player will suit up for the Reds in 2009. While both of these outfielders may also become amenable to a short-term contract given the current market, says Fay, "the Reds are set on moving beyond the Griffey-Dunn era."

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